The DIN EN ISO 50.001 in April 2012 replaced the DIN 16001 In the discussion about the tax cap from under 01.01.2013 electricity and energy tax law is also an exception for SMEs.

These companies may be able to have an energy audit. DIN EN 16247-1 and submit proof.



There are various motives, why an enterprise cares with the rational energy use and introduction of an operational energy management system. Related to energy policy defaults and additional incentives by advancement governmental programs strengthen consciousness for an efficient way to use energy.

Also privileges for enterprises are connected to legal orders.

In the future the payback of energy tax will demand a functioning and certified energy management system. The regulations of a certified system are described in DIN EN ISO 50.001.

Our offer:

Installation and care for an Energy Management System according to DIN EN ISO 50.001:

  • Check up and documentation of the existing potentials for the improvement of energy efficiency and for reducing costs
  • Recommendations how to save energy and at what costs
  • Creating energy management structures and if necessary integration into an existing management systems
  • Final evaluation of the energy consumption of the enterprises and bench mark
  • Continuous improvement of the energy efficiency in the context of the energy management system
  • Consultation on the implementation of an energy monitoring system
  • internal audits
  • external audits on behalf of certification organizations in introducing of an energy monitoring system

Systematic development and preparation for the energy audit according to DIN EN 16247 -1

We prepare you for the audit in the desired and reasonable energy targets corresponding to the norm.

Important points are your energy consumption, energy indicators, your energy objectives, the implementation required for this program, responsibilities and competencies, documentation, any required measurements and measurement plans, energy-related behavior of employees to proposals to improve the efficiency.

On request we join your team to give our best support during the external audits. Furthermore we offer regular consulting e.g. by internal audits to achieve your goals.