Environmental Due Diligence

Due Diligence is a test procedure on an object which is to be sold (e.g. Industrial plant, real estate). Prior to the deal the object is examined with “Due Diligence”. The result is an overview of the environmental referred pro and cons and/or the strengths and the weaknesses of the object.

The aim of Environment Due Diligence ist to check the quality of the environment of the location, its plants and buildings, the permissions, compliance with the environmental regulations as well as poisonous wates in the plants areas.

We offer:

  • Evaluation of plant permissions regarding European and German law.
  • Fulfillment of the conditions listed in permissions
  • Land register for the evaluation of environmental risks of the materials used in plants - disturbance possibility analysis
  • Listing, analysis and evaluation of poisonous wates in the plants areas. (soil/ground, ground air, groundwater)
  • Pollutant investigations of buildings
  • Estimation of possibly necessary measures for reorganization / remediation regarding duration and costs due to the test results with refuse dumps and pollutants.

The examinations take place on the basis of our experience in the introducing and operating environmental management systems.

Our clients can be: management consultants, chartered accoutants, banks and investors as well as buyers and salesmen of industrial real estate, plants and properties.